Projects and Downloads


We are currently busy finalizing developed products. Information on projects coming up on the horizon will be available here as it is available.


The below are computer entertainment applications developed by Mobuli Productions for Mac OS.

Space Can Suck: You head out looking for a job off your dead end planet - and end up with more than you bargained for! This is the game that started it all, spawing 2nd Terror Protocol and the television project SPACE CAN SUCK.

2nd Terror Protocol: Stepping into the shoes of the villain from Space Can Suck, you are reprogrammed and on the hunt for the slime of the universe. Gamemaker Award winner!

Emergency Blow! 1: Hold on to your bootstraps; this game is a heap of action, with suspense to boot! People with weak hearts beware!

Emergency Blow! 2: After thousands of responses, we were forced to create EB2!! It was reported a child in an undisclosed location, in a rush of adrenaline, had his head explode while playing the game. Users BEWARE!